Make the Shift to a Green Economy

The One Million Climate Jobs campaign is put together by the Green Economy Network, an alliance of unions, environmental groups, faith-based organizations and First Nations.

The Common Platform calls for the creation of  One Million Climate Jobs that can reduce Canada's greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and create decent paying jobs while addressing the immediate effects of climate events. Public investments must be secured to support four strategic priorities:

  1. Clean Renewable Energy--By investing $23.3 billion in public renewable energy over five years, Canada could create 290,000 jobs while reducing emissions between 44 and 100 million tonnes annually. 
  2. Energy Efficiencies/Green Building-- By investing $30 billion to increase the energy efficiency of Canada's building stock over five years, we could create 438,000 jobs, while reducing emissions between 32 and 126 million tonnes annually. 
  3. Public Transit-- By investing $17.6 billion to improve and expand public transit we could create 223,000 jobs, reducing emissions between 11 and 20 million tonnes per year. 
  4. High-Speed Rail Transport-- By investing $10 billion to stimulate higher speed public trial, we could generate another 101,600 jobs while reducing emissions between 1 and 5 million tonnes per year.